Secrets of Japanese Whiskey


What’s it about?

Kenji is a Japanese guide who engaged in hiking, cycling, foodie tours in Osaka & Kyoto and of course, he loves whisky.

He has been crazy about Japanese whiskey so much that he made whiskey tours and guided 800+ people.

This online experience is a kind of drinking session.

Please prepare your own drinks.

Japanese whiskey(at least whiskey) is better, but any kind of drinking is OK.

【Detail of the Experience】

1) Cheers!

2) History of Japanese whiskey

3) Characteristics of Japanese whiskey

4) Culture of Japanese whiskey and cocktails

5) Enjoy drinking with occasional quizzes

6) Tasting methods of Japanese blenders

7) Virtual Tour of Suntory Yamazaki Distillery

Who’s telling the story?

Kenji is a guide who loves whisky and have guided 800+ people on this experience (besides the real whisky tours in Kyoto)

He has been climbing mountains since he was in junior high, and later he got into whisky after nights of drinking in the wilderness.

Having enjoyed a lot of whiskeys, he prefers the smooth ones rather than the peaty ones, and now he loves Japanese whiskey the best and drinks it first at bars.

His dream is to visit whisky bars and distilleries all over the world with his online tour guests.

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