Women of the Grand Tour

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What is it about?

Tourism is not a new phenomenon. In the 18th century many wealthy young men spent a ‘gap year’ touring Europe, seeing the sights and enjoying themselves in a variety of ways. Their exploration of the ancient ruins of Italy and the newly discovered excavations of Pompeii and Herculaneum in particular led to a fashion for classical architecture and decoration, which is still part of European cultural heritage to this day.

However, it was not only men who travelled. Women also went on the Grand Tour, but in smaller numbers and for different reasons than their male counterparts. Join us to meet a few of these fascinating, adventurous women. See why they toured, where they went, what souvenirs they purchased and how they used the tour to their own advantage!

Who is hosting it?

Ann has spent a lengthy career specialising in selling antique textiles. She had a stall at London’s famous Portobello Road market for many years and has sold at fairs, markets and exhibitions, both in the U.K and abroad (particularly Japan). Ann has a large personal collection of antique lace and in recent years she has been delivering talks on textiles for Airbnb Experiences (and elsewhere), guiding visitors around the wonderful textile collections at the Victoria & Albert Museum. Some examples of her collection can be seen on her www.antiquelacelady.com website.


18 October 2020

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