Workshop – Capture Your Best Virtual Hosting Moments


What’s it about?

Many of us are offering virtual tours, talks, and experiences now.

But do you have the best photos to convey who you are, what you offer, or to tell some behind-the-scenes stories?

If not, it’s time to join Domi’s workshop.

In this workshop, we will get to know each other a bit. Then Domi will provide tips and strategies on how to capture your best virtual hosting moments. You will also have the opportunity to practice these skills and help each other.

This will be followed by a second workshop on how to edit your best virtual hosting moments.

Please bring some accessories which you are using for your experiences /tours/talks and your phones. Make sure your phone is charged and you are charged with some positive energy too. =)

This is the first part of our skill development series to make your virtual events from good to great. Our skill development workshops are free for anyone who did a talk for the Explore Culture community.

Who’s hosting the workshop?

My name is Domi and I have been a photographer for the last 8 years. During my career, I was taking photos of popular influencers, bloggers, and travellers visiting London. I had an amazing opportunity to grow and meet great people during that time.

I absolutely love working one on one with my clients. Right now I am focusing on taking photos to help my clients enhance their Social Media and Business portfolios.

Through my Skylense Studio, I usually first connect with my clients so that I can capture and create images that best portray them.

The by-product of this process is that my clients have gained more confidence, both in themselves and in their work.

These days when everything is digital, it is very important to provide good quality images. It takes just a few seconds to create a first impression. These judgments are typically based on the smallest of details.